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Pitching A-Z


No more missing opportunities because you think you’re not ready,

  • Instead, raise investment because you pitch with clarity and confidence.
  • Win customers because they see themselves in your message.
  • Headline conferences because people feel your stories.

Your transformation has to be quick and effective, which is why I wrote this book based on a structure you know already.

Pitching AZ – 26 essential pitching tips inspired by watching my twins learn their ABC.


We keep it simple for our kids when they learn new things.

Why do we make adult learning complex?

Read it quickly, read it slowly, re-read it and dip in and out as you need – a structure so familiar you know where you are at all times, which makes it easy to finish and then feel the results.

PLUS a link to an online checklist of all 26 tips so that you can see and feel your progress as you try each tip and master them.

The goal is to get your message to its destination as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Pitching AZ – let’s get started.


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