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Pitch & Hit Your Target

Pitching & Presentation Skills Coaching

Find the right presentation skills course for you – whether you’re struggling to structure the perfect presentation message, design visual impactful slides, or perform with confidence. We have the course to make your pitch resonate with your audience.

Online courses, books and mini-courses available to quickly get you to where you need to be with your next presentation or public speaking gig.

Avoid common online presentation errors, get the free online pitching pdf and learn all the tricks you need to succeed in your online pitch.

Are you getting serious about your presentation? Do you have an important presentation to make for investors? Then a 1-on-1 training session might be right for you.

“Martin hosted another highly engaging public speaking workshop. Our founders learnt a lot of public speaking skills & were able to apply them with live pitching opportunities, peer-assessment & personal feedback.”

Jenne Wong Program Director SOSV MOX

Presentation Skills Training For Founders

Improve your public speaking skills

Build your confidence in your presentation skills

Resonate and connect with your audience

Raise that seed round!

Presentation Skills Training For Leaders

Free worksheet to structure your presentation message

Know your audience and why you are pitching

Free slide wireframes to get control over your presentation

+ Other resources to improve your presentation skills

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Presentation Skills Training London

presentation skills training

Are you based in London (or around) and looking for presentation skills training in London? Book a call to discover and let’s discuss how to improve your team, save time and get results

Learn More About 8s2c & Martin Barnes Our Master Of Presentations

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