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Hey founders,

your pitch has only 8 seconds to connect.

“Martin hosted another highly engaging public speaking workshop our founders learnt a lot of public speaking skills & were able to apply them with live pitching opportunities, peer-assessment & personal feedbacks.”

Jenne Wong Program Director SOSV MOX

“Martin captured the audience’s attention with humorous & educational learning points. He motivated some founders to try their pitches in the workshop were they were given clear & honest feedback

Holly Clayman Communication & Community Manager STARTUP AUTOBAHN Powered by Plug and Play

A startup pitch needs to:

Start like an Olympic sprinter

Share a quick, simple, intriguing story of how you create value.

Inspire like a rock-star

Show your passion for solving problems & building a great company that creates value.

Build trust like a brain surgeon

Prove your expertise & insights by sharing information which makes sense to your audience.

Attention comes from emotional & tangible insights shared quickly





When you are pitching attention is the prize

Martin speaking to audience

I’m Martin, & I’m a pitch coach with 20 years experience in London & Beijing writing pitches for; tech company CEO’s, Hollywood A-listers, the board of directors at global automotive brands & mentoring founders as they take the stage at demo-day for Plug and Play, China accelerator, Angelhack & Startup Grind.

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In-person pitching disrupted by Global pandemic.

Get Connected

Due to COVID, online
pitching is now the
fastest way to connect
at meetups, events &

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Pitching online has challenges, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a great first impression.


First impressions matter, don’t let the basics mess you up.

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