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Presentation Skills Training Courses​

Be the best public speaker

Are you ever nervous, anxious, about an upcoming presentation or public speaking performance? We help take care of any aspect of your presentation that needs refining – and send you on stage full of confidence, ready to enjoy your next presentation.

Our presentation skills training courses cover a variety of skills for different audiences. Everything from a full program for founders that are looking to raise their first round of funding, to online presentation courses for business leaders that are getting invited to more speaking events. 

We also have other options for anyone wanting to brush up on specific aspects of their presentation skills. Need help with slides or a pitch deck? Or perhaps you need a framework for laying out your presentation? Do you need help creating a story? Or maybe you just want to practice your presentation in front of a small audience and get feedback? 

Presentation Skills Training Courses​​

Training presentation skills creates incredibly high value for any organization and individuals. By going through one of our presentation skills courses, you will become a better, more confident presenter, negotiator and keynote speaker. 

Presenting yourself well, is something that benefits you in many aspects of life. Presenting a difficult choice to your child, presenting a new product at a conference, presenting the argument for why you should get a new car or couch or [insert item you want here]. 

We present every day – and we can help you get better at it!

Most of our presentation skills training courses can be done online, but we do occasionally do in-person training in London. Should you require something more personalized, we can also do 1-on-1 presentation training – link up with Martin Barnes Pitch Coach in the about section for more on that.

Overview of our Presentation Skills Training Courses


The Startup Pitch Accelerator (Essentials)

The 8s2c Startup Accelerator (Essentials)

  • Improve confidence in your presentations
  • Learn to create stories that engage
  • Master slide design principles and organization
  • Become a recognized event speaker
  • Our Presentation skills courses can help increase your pitching skills in any environment