Hi there 🙂

I’m Martin, and I care about how you start your pitch.

I want you to be and feel amazing as you introduce yourself and your business. 

I want you to catch and hold your audience’s attention, so you make connections and grow your business.

In the 21st century, we all suffer from short attention spans because we are busy and bombarded with stimulation, information and choices (1).

Each day we have a finite amount of brain energy to engage with information, so we need to make sure what we give attention to is valuable. 

If we spend time listening to information that provides little ROI on our time and attention, we soon zone out.

So your pitch needs to start strong. Be compelling, exciting and useful.

This is important in all walks of life whenever we communicate and especially when we pitch our business to investors, mentors, advisor and customers.

My point of view comes from 20 years experience of pitching and winning projects with the Science Museum London, The Volkswagen Group China The NBA and pitching to Hollywood producers. 

As well as pitching badly and failing. Along with observation from coaching and mentoring 100’s of startups with Chinaccelerator, Plug and Play, AngelHack and Startup Grind. It is also supported by insights from the Harvard Business Review (2).

So whether you are at the start of your pitching journey or have years of experience, we can all improve our opening pitch because a pitch is one of your most valuable business tools you have and needs to evolve over time as you grow and improve.

I want you to be successful, be memorable, stand out, connect, and enjoy pitching. 

If you enjoy pitching your audience enjoys listening, and your business will grow.

You have 8 seconds to connect with your audience (3), and my job is to make that happen.

Ask me any questions, and I look forward to working with you soon.