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A Presentation Team is Like A Sports Team

Success only comes when individual talent combines with a clear long-term strategy.

  1. When no one wastes time re-doing work
  2. When the team is motivated towards common goals 
  3. This comes when talent has time to rehearse and practice

- Because your team deserves to be their best


Simon Vincent

“I totally wrote a 10x better 30-second pitch in the car on the way home. Thank you for today. Really enjoyed it and got an awful lot from it.”

Perry Hughes

“It was a brilliant day. Thanks so much for your time.  I’ve already started my one video pitch a day challenge!”

Team Presentation Training
The 8 Steps 2 Showtime

No more wasted time and effort making your next presentation

Train your team with The 8 Steps to Showtime

This presentation playbook delivered the keynote for the Head of HR at Mercedes China in 10 days

MJ’s smile when we delivered her presentation 48 hours before she was due on stage proves our system works

Now, she had double the amount of time to master her performance.

Full SOP Manuals

Full SOP manuals – step-by-step process documentation

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to the online video library

Measurable Results

KPIs – define lead measures linked to business goals

Grow Confidence

Public speaking skills – grow people’s confidence

Operate World Class

Pre-presentation routines – operate like a world-class team

Improve your team’s time management

  • Define a clear brief, roles, responsibilities and check-ins
  • Stop wingin’ it 
  • No more pulling it together at the 11th hour
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Improve results 
Jenny Tilgren

“The result was different, like night and day, compared to anything I have ever delivered before.”

Align to a proven playbook trusted by:

Presentation Team Training With:

How does it work?

  • Meet with the leadership team to understand how presentations are created at your organisation
  • Identify the ‘canyons’ currently missing a bridge
  • Define lead measures to reach business goals
  • Unlimited access to the 5 Layers Presentation Academy
  • Online video content with PDF worksheets
  • Host a training session 1 day or 2×1/2 day – In-person or online
  • Facilitate a 1/2 day presentation training session to upgrade public speaking skills, online or in-person
  • Monthly check-ins

Grow your business

  • Add a playbook to your team’s workflow
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Know their roles
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Get results

Because your team deserves to be inspired

Isabelle Gordge, CTO - EIC

“We feel ready to reshape how we perform this step of the process!”

Frequently asked Questions

How long does the training take?

Training The 8 Steps to Showtime takes one day of in-the-room/online time. This can be two ½ days or one full day. In this time, we apply The 8 Steps to one of your presentations.

When does my team learn the individual steps?

All 8 Steps have an in-depth video lesson. Our approach to learning is that the time we spend together is active. In discussion, role play, sharing feedback, and answering questions. this way, learning the framework and method happens at each person’s speed. I like to watch training video content at 1.5 speed. I will watch lessons many times. Once before and again after I have applied the concepts.

How do I make sure my team stays focused?

A client recently told me in our 6-month post-training check-in. During the first work cycle after the training, everyone was very focused on the steps. Then, by the 3rd cycle, momentum and focus were drifting. A regret for this leader was not implementing KPIs. KPI needs buy-in from the leadership. To ensure they link to long-term business growth strategies. These are realistic for the teams to track and collect. Celebrate when reached or addressed if they reveal issues.

How do we set KPIs?

A previous project with the Integrity and compliance department at one of the big German car brands. Involved in developing a training program for a new mandatory compliance initiative. A large number of employees were going to be working in small groups. Meeting regularly to discuss how the topline compliance issues impacted them. The goal was to nurture future leaders from the process. As we developed the project, it was soon put on the shelf. At that time, there was no clear, simple way to gather and process the data created. It soon became clear it was creating work for work’s sake. KPIs not only need to link to lead-measure business goals. They need to exist without creating more work. This takes planning and requires a bespoke solution. Each company is unique in its work culture. As long as the strategy aligns with both the top-level managers and teams. A good system can be designed.  

What if the 8 Steps don't suit our company's needs?

Midway through one of the previous projects. It became clear that this business team needed nine steps. Not a problem at all. We customised the process to suit them. This is the beauty of the roadmap. It is a mindset first. As long as we test the usefulness of each step. Remove anything surplus to requirements. The final roadmap can be tailored. A roadmap that doesn’t work isn’t worth investing in.

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