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Presentation Team Training That Inspires People

- Because your team deserves to be their best


Simon Vincent

“I totally wrote a 10x better 30-second pitch in the car on the way home. Thank you for today. Really enjoyed it and got an awful lot from it.”

Perry Hughes

“It was a brilliant day. Thanks so much for your time.  I’ve already started my one video pitch a day challenge!”

What's the sizzle?

Immediate Feedback

Everyone presents with five rounds of feedback

Unlimited Access

to all our course content

Measurable Results

Individual assessment and feedback you can align with your internal KPIs 

Sam Lanyon

“It was a good session. Playing around with different narratives. Including one that starts like this…”

Lawrence Harmer

“Great session. We faced and overcame some challenges. I learned a lot.”

Isobel Collini

“I learned so much. It was a great session.”

How we get it done!

Pick and choose the presentation skills you want to improve

  • Public speaking skills – speak with total confidence
  • How you build your presentations – The 8 Steps to Showtime
  • Visual communication – Slide design for live and inbox presentations
  • Storytelling – how to use metaphors to connect with the people in front of you

Choose what type of presentation you need to improve

  • Business Development
  • Conference Speaker 
  • Podcast Appearance
  • Networking
  • Client Updates

Format Overview

  • Define how many of your team will join the session – For everyone to actively participate, 15 is the maximum
  • Host the session – In-person or Online
  • Start Iteration Cycle – Pitch – Individual Feedback – Review Transcript

Because your team deserves to be inspired

What's more?

1. Team Calibration

a 2-hour alignment meeting to fine-tune the focus of your team’s specific goals

2. Unlimited access to online course content

Everyone learns at their own speed. Everyone receives unlimited access to all our course content before the session

3. Highly Efficient 1-Day Presentation Training

Based on the team Calibration

  • Warmup – define your presentation mindset
  • PitchClub group activity
  • Each person pitches 
  • Anonymous survey 
  • Self-reflection
  • Peer feedback 
  • On-the-spot coaching
  • Game tape to review 
  • Case study breakdown
  • QnA

4. Review-Rumble!

One-month check-In to ensure the team has integrated learnings.

Why us?

About Us

My background

  • My approach to presentation training

    Your team will improve when they stand up. Preset to their peers and try new things. Public speaking transformation starts when people have a growth mindset. And work in a culture which celebrates learning in public.

    Aka, your people embrace leaving their comfort zone.

    While studying for my PGCEi at Nottingham University in 2019, I learned about the Zone of Proximal Development. The ZPD is “the space between what a learner can do without assistance and what a learner can do in collaboration with more capable peers.”

    Our presentation training session is about creating this space for your team. So they can demonstrate their current level. And then improve from peer feedback and on-the-spot coaching.

    As I learned to ride a bike, I remember watching my older brother and friend. They struggled to balance without training wheels. After a while, they got bored and went off to do something else. I had a go. Before my parents could believe it, I was riding my bike alone. My older brother and friend were soon doing the same when they saw me. Inspired first by my brother, I learned to ride my bike. I then inspired him. We were moving through the ZPD.

    This is what we want for your team.


    Before focusing on presentation training in 2013. I worked in advertising for five years as a creative director in Beijing. At Ogilvy, DDB, BBDO, DMG, EURO RCG and PAE.

    Before advertising, I taught graphic design for three years in Beijing. As well as freelance design work in events, retail and digital.

    But it all started in 2000 with my first job at Spiral Productions in London. I designed and animated interactive games for museums. At the Science Museum London. Explore @Brsitol, Dubai Chidlrens City, and the Singapore Science Centre.

    I look back now and see how this was a formative experience. Working in information design and visual storytelling was a solid foundation. It set me up for my later focus on public speaking, presentations and pitching.

    And what got the ball rolling?

    I spent an incredible four years at Kingston University studying graphic design. 

    I love what I do

    A good friend asked me after I told him about my decision to focus on presentations. “But what happens when you get bored and want to try something new?” he asked.

    “I won’t, I told him.” And all these years since, I am proud to have trained professionals in these organisations. 

    The VW Group China, Google Shanghai, BMW, The British Embassy Beijing. Innovate UK, Hull School of Business. Software Cornwall, TechSouthWest Startup Studio, Brunswick PR, and Digital Catapult. 

    As well as hosting online and in-person 170+ PitchClub events. 

    After working with 1000’s of professionals, I have felt it when people really feel it. When they have time to reflect. Observe their peers. Share feedback, and then have another go. Thats when they improve.

    Let’s do this for your team.

Steve Pinnell

“Thank you again for the course – I found it super-inspiring and am looking forward to getting my ‘shoes worn in’ before the next session!” 

Trudy Ward

“Thanks for a completely awesome day yesterday! I’m looking forward to hearing myself back as I can’t actually remember what I said, so it’ll naturally iterate!”

Elinor Wakefield OBE

“Thank you for the training programme yesterday, Martin. It was really enjoyable and really, really helpful!”

Rebecca Polson

“Thank you again for the session on Thursday, I took so much from it.”

Because your team deserves to be on top of their game

Frequently asked Questions

How long is a training session?

1 day for in-person training

For Online training, we can discuss your specific team needs and schedule to suit them 

How many people can join a training session?

15 if you want them all to participate

50 if they break out into small groups

Do I need KPIs?

It helps but isn’t essential. I can help you develop them. However, please note this extends the scope of the project

Are the sessions in-person or online?

Whichever format suits your team. I have facilitated both as well as hybrid. Being in the same room for at least one session is perfect. I have hosted over 150 online training sessions, and they are very effective. Online sessions should not be longer than 2 hours.

Do I need slides?

It depends on your goals. They are not essential.

How can I get maximum ROI out of the session?

Bring an active presentation to the session. We can use it to structure the practice sessions. However, this needs preparation time and can expand the scope.

How do I know we are focusing on the right thing?

We discuss your needs in the discovery call and alignment meeting. The training has to be relevant to your goals.