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Is your pitch ready for your audience?

Even with years of training and experience, a non-negotiable for a pilot is the preflight safety check.


To ensure that no critical tasks are forgotten, reduce risk and avoid unnecessary disasters.

Would you pitch with more confidence after a preflight safety check?

Would you stop second-guessing yourself and overthinking it?

Would you own the spotlight and make a memorable connection with your audience?

Invest in a PrePitch conversation.

Get a second opinion on your pitch.

Talk through your logic and strategy.

Reveal any blind spots.

Make final adjustments.


And then pitch with confidence.


  • Connect on Volley  
  • Share your status 
  • Define your goals 
  • Ask questions 
  • Share your pitch PDF (full confidentially) 
  • Receive video feedback with a slide walkthrough
  • Receive a Google sheet 1-page report

Send me a Volley.


  • Schedule a 1on1 60-minute call for a deep dive discussion on your strategy, goals and methodology
  • £300 paid in advance 
  • Conversation follow-up report and full transcript 


The PrePitch conversation in no way guarantees the outcome of your pitch.

It is highly recommended that you have 48 hours between the PrePitch conversation report and your pitch to allow for any changes made due to the conversation.

If you are not ready for a PrePitch conversation, connect with me on LinkedIn.