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One-day team presentation training: Software Cornwall

Transforming leader’s presentation skills because they are performing, sharing feedback and improving.

Case Study

All the leaders presented their businesses and received five rounds of feedback. With unlimited access to online training content, and returned for a 1-hour online session 2 weeks later.

“Great session. We faced and overcame some challenges. I learned a lot.”

Lawrence Harmer



Who = 18 business leaders, 9.30am – 4pm

Goal = Finish the day with a new networking pitch. And the mindset to approach all their future presentations with total confidence.

Benefits of working with us

Group discussion – the group is encouraged to share experiences and contribute; this creates a supportive learning environment

Online content – any teaching is done post-event via unlimited access to online content

Post-event feedback – all the attendees received individual assessments from the anonymous survey

Before I got home

“I totally wrote a 10x better 30-second pitch in the car on the way home. Thank you for today. Really enjoyed it and got an awful lot from it.”


Simon sent me this message an hour after we finished the 1-day presentation training.


I smiled because I knew he had the right mindset. He had embraced the day’s format. He was buzzing with ideas for improving his next presentation.


Simon was one of 18 business owners who joined the one-day presentation training session.


We started at 9:30 a.m. with 50 minutes of theory and discussion.


I shared the five layers of presentation success.








Within the opening 20 minutes, I invite people to share presentation experiences. Lawrence told us how his perception of his presentation skills was set by one of his teachers. And not in a good way. 


This got the room talking. Soon, we all shared stories and perspectives of our journeys and how we ended up in the room together.


It was brilliant. I love it when I’m talking the least in training sessions.


My job is to provide the structure and learning nuggets. Progress comes when the group talks to each other. 

Peer feedback

Nothing is better than peer feedback. I stand to the side and let people share their experiences.


Experience-based feedback instead of instructional. The Gestalt feedback method.


It’s the model they use at EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation). 


People share experiences and how they solve problems instead of telling people what they should do.


It’s great for me, the trainer, as the group will likely share feedback I would have. This allows me to share even more feedback, so it’s a massive win for everyone involved.

Presentation structure

After the opening conversation, I shared my number one tool for structuring a presentation. The 3 Beat Mountain


Inspired by the classic ‘hero’s journey’ and the 3 act play, it helps leaders read the room. So they share a short pitch with the people in front of them. It’s not the pitch script they wrote weeks ago when it was on their to-do list.


Then started the 2nd part, the presentation practice session, PitchClub.


Over the rest of the day, everyone gave a 30-second networking pitch. They then got six rounds of feedback.


01 – Anonymous group feedback from a 4-question online survey 

02 – Self-reflect. One good thing and one thing that can be improved.

03 – Direct peer feedback

04 – On-the-spot coaching from me 

05 – A recording of the session. This way, they can listen back to themselves and assess their performance.

06 – A personalised feedback form with the anonymous survey results


I’m generally very strict on timing. But with this group and in this context, I let people talk. Peer feedback increases the chemistry of the session.


The more people know, like and trust each other, the better the feedback becomes. It’s not always sugar-coated, but then thats what helps. Growth and transformation are why business leaders took time out of their busy days.


After a stop for lunch, we kept going, and the vibe of the room was perfect. 


People were trying new things.


They are listening and supporting each other.


Making real progress.

Growing confidence

Trudy raised the bar when it was her turn. I shared an insight on understanding your audience, and then she stood up to pitch.


29 seconds later, the room was silent before everyone started clapping.


WOW, she aced it. 


She had defined without any doubt the value she brings, for whom, and how it works. 


And as she ended, she established her credibility in a way no one can argue with.


“Have you pitched it like that before?” I asked.


“No. First time,” she said. “Oh my god, I was so nervous.”


The other 17 business leaders in the room told her none of them could tell she was nervous.


This is when I know it’s working.

Leaving their comfort zone

When people write a pitch for the first time.


Then, within minutes, they share it with people they’ve just met.


And they get incredible feedback on what worked and what didn’t.


A 1-day presentation training session needs to be action-orientated; otherwise, what’s the point?


All the information is there on YouTube or LinkedIn. Perfectly curated in easy-to-consume nuggets of information.


But therein lies the problem ‘easy-to-consume’.


Consumption only gets you so far. Well, not very far.


Knowledge and growth come from what David Perkins, senior professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, describes as:


“Developing a flexible performance capability toward mastery over time. “


And this happens when people stand up.


Move out of their comfort zone.


And present.

Time well spent

The day is full-on – which is why people make the time. They leave their busy work day to work on their presentation skills.


The benefit of our new hybrid mindset is that anything I would ‘teach’ the room. I do this by including unlimited access to my online content. Business leaders can learn more in their own time from the device in their hands. 


And the great thing is its knowledge + experience. This results in long-term growth.

Your team

If you want your team to benefit from this practice-centered presentation training. 


Learn the structure to write a new pitch. 


Have the space to practice it and have supportive feedback to see where and how they can improve. 


Let’s talk. 


You’ll feel the difference as your team pitches to better and more prominent clients. 


Standout at networking events and update clients with confidence.


And you’ll free up more time to grow strategic partnerships.

Because your team deserves to be inspired